Norberto Hernández Jiménez

Norberto Hernandez Jiménez is assistant professor in the Department of Law at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia).

Norberto is a lawyer, with a specialization and magister in criminal law from the Free University. He is also a specialist in constitutional law and administrative law at the Universidad del Rosario (Colombia).

He holds a master’s degree in criminology and criminal execution from Pompeu Fabra University in Spain and a doctorate in Law from Universidad de los Andes. He has been working in Colombian prisons for 9 years and his doctoral thesis makes a diagnosis of this situation, based on the field work carried out within them. He is currently investigating the issues related to the regime of deprivation of liberty and the post-conflict.



Jiménez, N. H. (2017). Resocialization as End of Sentence: A frustration with the Colombian penitentiary and prison system. Caderno CRH30(81), 539-560.

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