Nikolaos Stamatakis

Nikolaos recently completed his post-doctorate in Sociology at the University of Sao Paolo (Centre for the Study of Violence), Brazil. In 2013, he obtained a double Ph.D. in Criminology at Ghent University (Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy) and the University of Liege (Centre for Criminology), both in Belgium while holding a Ph.D. in Sociology gained at Athens University for Social & Political Sciences in Greece in 2007. Dr. Stamatakis holds an M.Phil. in Law from University College London, United Kingdom, a LL.M. from National University of Ireland, an M.A. in Criminology from the Catholic University Leuven in Belgium, a Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative Justice from Queen’s University, Canada and a Certificate in Victimology from Tokiwa University, Japan. His areas of expertise are restorative justice, juvenile delinquency, prison reform, death penalty, police violence and crime prevention & rehabilitation.



Stamatakis, N. (2017). The ‘blue leviathan’ Perceptions of youth on police violence and impunity in Argentina. The Police Journal90(4), 318-347.