Lilian Bobea

Lilian Bobea is a Dominican sociologist, she obtained her PhD from the University of Utrecht, Holland (Violence and Citizen Security in the Dominican Republic, FLACSO / Utrecht, R.D. 2011). She completed her master’s degree with Emmanuel Wallerstein and Giovanni Arrighi at the Braudel Center of SUNY Binghamton (1990).

She teaches at the Department of Sociology at Bentley University, Massachusetts, on Global Crime and Drugs and Society. Her areas of expertise include: organized crime; drug trafficking and other illicit; security and defense; citizen security in Latin America and the Caribbean.

She is the Academic Director of the Central America-Caribbean Platform for Citizen Security: Cooperation for Peace (Co-Paz). She has won several study grants, such as Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellowship, Open Society Foundation, International Development Research Center and Social Science Research Council (2012). She is currently working on the research project “Gaining ground, what can we learn from the contexts plagued by drug trafficking in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic?”.



Bobea, L. (2012). The emergence of the democratic citizen security policy in the Dominican Republic. Policing and Society22(1), 57-75.