Julienne Weegels


Julienne is a PhD student at the Social Sciences Research Institute of Amsterdam (AISSR) and the Latin American Research and Documentation Center (CEDLA). Julienne’s research project focuses on the performance of violence and the “change of attitude” in the Nicaraguan prison system, and what these can mean about the will of the inmates and the moral order of the institution.

For this ethnographic project, she carried out 25 months of field research with Nicaraguan inmates, through two theater programs in two prisons (a state prison and a police prison), between May 2009 and January 2016.

Julienne has carried out research on the body and masculinity of the prisoners, the self-government of the prisoners, and the re-educational system (the policy of exclusion and visibility), and the representation of young offenders in the media, in relation to the moral economies that sustain the community policing model in Nicaragua.

Website: https://amsterdam.academia.edu/JulienneWeegels


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