Daniela Barberi


Daniela is a doctoral student in the Criminology, Law and Society program at George Mason University (USA). While pursuing her graduate degrees, Daniela has continuously worked in correctional research, is currently working on different publications and works at the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence (ACE!) at George Mason University. In Colombia, she worked in the Women’s Prison in Bogotá applying or developing projects and/or workshops for vulnerable inmates (e.g. reentry programs for women who were soon to be released or working with women in maximum security on how to deal with the environment). While in Colombia, she also worked in the Hospital Simon Bolivar as the leader of the Committee of Sexual Violence and Abuse and as a counselor for victims of sexual abuse. She holds a Masters in Criminal Justice from the Pennsylvania State University (USA) where she earned two awards (Outstanding Graduate Student and Outstanding Master’s Thesis) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia).

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