Adriana Hildenbrand

Adriana holds a Bachelor in Clinical Psychology from the PUCP and is currently Master student in Latin American Studies at the University of Bern. She is member of the Research Group in Forensic and Penitentiary Psychology and the Research Group in Community Psychology at PUCP since 2012 and 2014, respectively. With special interest on interdisciplinary approaches, she focuses on prisoners’ and migrants’ mental health, and on local idioms of distress in vulnerable contexts.


Publications related to prison contexts:

Hildenbrand, A. (2015). “Razones para vivir y afecto en mujeres privadas de libertad en un establecimiento penitenciario de Lima”. Subjetividad y procesos cognitivos, 19(2).

Velázquez, T., Bracco, L., Hildenbrand, A., Wakeham, A., Valdez, R., Florentini, M., Cervantes, L. & Oviedo, V. (2015). ‘Síndrome de agotamiento profesional en trabajadores de tratamiento de dos establecimientos penitenciarios de Lima’. Apuntes de Psicología 33(2), 57-65.

Adriana H Foto