Máximo Sozzo


Máximo Sozzo is Professor of Sociology and Criminology at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral(Santa Fe, Argentina). He is also there Director of the Master in Criminology and Director of the Crime and Society Program. He is Adjunct Professor of the School of Justice at Queensland University of Techonology (Brisbane, Australia). He is the Coordinator of the GT  (2016-2019): “Penal System and Social Change” of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences.

He has published more than 90 chapters of books and articles in scientific journals, 6 books and 10 edited books in the field of social and historical studies on crime and crime control. His latest books are: The political economy of punishment today (edited with Dario Melossi and Jose A. Brandariz, Routledge, 2018); The Palgrave Handbook of Criminology and the Global South (edited with Kerry Carrington, John Scott and Russell Hogg, Palgrave, 2018); ¿Más Allá de la Cultura del Control? Debates sobre delito, pena y orden social con David Garland (Ad-Hoc, 2018) and La inflación punitiva. Un análisis comparativo de las mutaciones del derecho penal en América Latina (1990-2015) (FLACSO-Café de las Ciudades-IDRC, 2017). He is currently director of the journal Delito y Sociedad. Revista de Ciencias Sociales and Associate Editor of Punishment and Society. The International Journal of Penology. He is working now on a new book about the metamorphosis of penal policy in Argentina since the transition to democracy until the present and on theoretical debates about power relations in contemporary prisons in Latin America.